I moved to Boise back in 2007 while things started booming. I remember all the top 5 lists that the city made and you also had Boise State's Fiesta Bowl win that captures sports across the country. Boise was on the map.

That was followed by the crash as everything came to a halt. Idahoans had to reinvent themselves to survive with new careers to pay bills. The pandemic shut us down again and we found ourselves in similar situations like Debbie Bratton from Boise.

We all love the underdog stories and rally behind new beginnings. There is something about jumping in the deep end not knowing if you sink or swim. Debbie was one of the first Paint it Parties before they became popular years ago. She comes to your house with supplies like paintbrushes, paints, artist palettes, easels, and more. COVID-19 shut down her business and her income. Debbie posted a mural on her grandson's wall to make him smile and that launched Fence Murals. 

Photo by: Debbie Bratton
Photo by: Debbie Bratton

Things happen. This photo posted up on her Facebook grabbed attention and that's how it started.

It's just me and the fence for a day - Debbie Bratton

These fences could take days depending on what exactly you want and how many panels will be painted. The number one question for me was the weather. I love these murals, but how long do they last with typical Boise weather. The paint used by Debbie is exterior paint and should last longer than a year and up to a couple. The rain won't hurt it.

I'll list 30 of her most recent photos below. The price varies depending on what you want to be painted and how in-depth it is. You can direct message her at Paint it Parties by Debbie or call (208) 327-0356.

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Debbie Bratton took her Paint it Parties outdoors as the pandemic shut down her business. This is Debbie's work across the Treasure Valley giving Idahoans something special to look at every day.

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