It's stretched across the Boise River for three decades and now it's gone. 


Maybe you've jumped off of it, even though you aren't supposed to. Maybe you've watched the mostly young boys dangling from the sides as you floated down the river and now, thanks to "Snowmaggedon 2017" it's gone.


This makes me so sad, but the had no other choice. The Plantation Bridge which connected the Greenbelt to Plantation Island had to be removed because the borders were continually being eroded away by the excessive water and the bridge would have fallen into the river if it wasn't removed.


According to KTVB, 8 sections of the Greenbelt are currently closed due to floodwaters and we've been warned to stay away from river at every point.


The Plantation Bridge will eventually be reinstalled, according to the Idaho Foundation for Parks and Recreation, but it's going to be quite sometime before it's put back in place. They estimate sometime between June and the Fall of 2017 before we get the Plantation Bridge back.


What a disaster we've had this past winter coming into spring and will we be able to float this summer still seems to be in question.