It's a whole new era when it comes to parenting and the scariest thing about it all is that every ounce of evil in this world easily makes it into your home through the internet.

Two parents in Meridian, Idaho felt something was wrong with their 13-year-old daughter.  So where do you start?  You try talking, you nosey around a bit, and you definitely check their online activity.  That's exactly what these parents did and they were alarmed with what they found.

According to KTVB, they found disturbing text messages between their daughter and 33-year-old Jason Kelley Smith of Kuna, Idaho that led them to believe their daughter was having sexual relations with this man.  Immediately these parents got the Meridian Police Department involved.  The Meridian Police set up a sting operation using the 13-year-old girl as bait to meet with Smith by Overland Road and Millennium Way.  Meridian police Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea said that they were able to confirm these two DID have sex which has led to the arrest of Smith.

Smith, who is already a registered sex offender in the state of Idaho has been booked into the Ada County Jail on felony charges of lewd conduct with a child under 16 and two felony counts of probation violations.

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