No one ever believes me when I say that I used to legitimately use Tinder to find dates, not just hook-ups. More and more, people are using it to have meaningful conversation. Hear me out!

I won't say I didn't seek out the occasional fling back in my Tinder days. If that disappoints you by the way, what were you expecting? Anyway, I did use Tinder as an option to potentially find real dates that could hopefully turn into something. I briefly matched and conversed with my fiance Stacy on Tinder about a year or so before we met but it really didn't play a roll in our meeting.

Coronavirus has apparently changed how Tinder is used by a lot of people and now, cheesy pickup lines and hook-up requests have made way for more meaningful interactions, which are now being started with questions like, "how are you?"

Tinder definitely has a stigma but it's 2020, online dating is normal, and more important now than ever.

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