The tragic news of a car fire in the early morning hours at a Walmart parking lot in Boise last April shocked and deeply saddened our community.  A 4-year-old little girl was gone and there were a lot of questions to be answered.

  • Why were they there?
  • How did the fire start?
  • How did the mom and sibling escape but not the 4-year-old?

After authorities have extensively investigated, 31-year-old Jennifer Miller has admitted to two counts of injury to a child.  Miller was high on meth when she rigged a small heater in the car to help keep them warm.  The heater had specific instructions NOT to use in confined spaces.  When the car caught fire and the fire department and police were called into action, it was just a bit too late.  The vehicle was engulfed in flames when they arrived and 4-year-old Alliee Rose had no chance.  Alliee's younger sibling and mother escaped with burns but are o.k.

As part of Miller's plea, she will not be charged with two other counts of felony injury to a child for having drugs near her children.  Her court date for sentencing is set for November 15th.  She's been staying at the Ada County Jail since April.

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