A parent's worst nightmare.  Your kid wanders away onto a busy street and gets hit by a car.  This is exactly what happened last night around 7:15 near the Alamosa Street intersection.


A 4-year-old little boy ran straight out into traffic onto State Street after wandering away from his parents.  It only took moments.  Most parents have been there at one time or another.  You turn around, they're gone and that moment of complete panic swoops through your entire body while the worst possible scenarios run through your mind.


As of now, it looks like these injuries are not life threatening.  Thank goodness!  The young boy was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and of course, our thoughts and prayers are with him.


The 67-year-old driver who hit the boy is o.k. and has been cited for some kind of traffic violation.  Not sure what that's about but it sound like this driver could've been a little more cautious or attentive.

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