The 'Boise Boom' is real and it just keeps on going.  When I say Boise I mean everywhere around Boise and that is definitely true in Meridian, Idaho where another 400 homes are going after the announcement of a brand new high school that'll be built right there on the corner of North McDermott Road and West McMillan Road.

A lot of people argued that this new school would bring in more people and they were spot on with that prediction.  The new subdivision will be called 'Gander Creek' and it'll be just southwest of the school.  Kids who end up living in Gander Creek will have an easy walk to school which is one of the positives.  Others are focussed on the negatives like more traffic and congestion in a city that's completely transformed over the past decade.

The Idaho Statesman reports this land is owned by Trilogy Development and Kenneth Goldbach and Melynda Maxwell who have all teamed up with Meridian home-builder Biltmore Co. to put together a new subdivision that'll cater to middle America families.

A lot of this property was zoned for rural urban-transition but is now zoned as medium-density residential.  The building will take place in different phases.  We do not know yet what the finish date is expected to be or exactly when the building will begin.

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