Are witnessing a new era in the Treasure Valley? Is Boise's growth finally slowing down? According to one source, that looks like that's what's happening... but not by much.

While it might not be much, the silver lining here is that there is a sign of Boise's growth finally slowing down a bit... but why?

Did we do this to ourselves?

For those who love trying to keep newcomers out of Idaho, maybe your tactics are starting to pay off! We're not picking sides and saying if that's good or bad.

Who are we to tell you what to feel?

If your goal is to stun the growth, perhaps all of those anti-California things you're posting in comment sections are working! If you're a little more indifferent about who is coming from where and want to see things chill out, you have reason to be excited too.

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Using information from World Population Review, we looked at Boise's population through the years and broke it down. As you'll see, Boise was once a booming destination with rapid growth that seems to have suddenly tapered off a bit.

Is it possible that transplants have listened to our warnings about Idaho being close? Or, is it simply other factors like rising costs or even rising crime that are keeping people from moving here?

Let's look at the population of Boise over the years... how will it look by the end of 2024?

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