Shocking and tragic news this morning after one heavily armed man walked into a mosque and shot as many people as he could while they were saying their prayers.  This horrific tragedy took place in the center of Christchurch, New Zealand.  After the first mosque was hit, the terrorists targeted a second mosque.  Authorities originally thought this may have been one man but have now arrested three.  The Washington Post reports that this was a well-planned terrorist attack.

Part of this mass murder was broadcast live on social media by the terrorists.  Millions of people around the world watched as innocent people were slaughtered while worshipping.

Authorities have found explosive devices that they've deactivated and certain homes have been evacuated for safety precautions.

So far 49 people have died and there is another 48 people, including children that are being treated at hospitals.

There was a 74-page manifesto left behind that talked of conspiracy theories about white birthrates and “white genocide,” is the latest sign that a lethal vision of white nationalism has spread internationally. Its title, “The Great Replacement,” echoes the rallying cry of, among others, the torch-bearing protesters who marched in Charlottesville in 2017.

Sad doesn't begin to explain how tragic this is.  Thoughts and prayers are all we can offer now as so many families and such a large community try to make sense of it all and eventually attempt to put the pieces of their lives back together.  My heart truly hurts for these people.

Live coverage below...

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