As an Idaho resident, I came up with this list based on my opinions (which are actually facts).  Here's why Idahoans are tougher than everyone else.

1.  We Work It

Increase In Housing Starts At End Of Year Signals Housing Market Recovery
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Whether you're at the desk or out busting your butt on a new building going up, Idaho leads the pack when it comes to getting the job done.  We're the #2 fastest growing city in America behind Las Vegas and we don't have no "Quit" in us.



2.  Driving Patience

Movie Set Takes Over Chicago's Michigan Avenue
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Rarely do you hear a car horn honk in Idaho.  We're just flat out more respectful here.  It's not that bad driving doesn't exist.  Oh no, trust me, it's all over the place.  The self control and patience it takes to keep our hands off that horn is a strength only Idahoans have.



3.  We Have Thick Skin

7th Annual Summer Redneck Games
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People think Idaho's full of a bunch of potato eating, ignorant, beer belly, straw sucking, hillbillies that don't know nuttin'!  The great thing about all that is... We Don't Care!  It's part of why our little oasis in the Treasure Valley stays hidden.



4.  We Have Strong Noses

Cow Shelters Grow In Popularity As Beef Eating Is Made Illegal
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All of us are within a 5 mile radius of some kind of farm.  Not only does this build up our allergy immunity but our sniffers can stand with the best of them.  Bring it on!



5.  We Can Deal With Drastic Temperature Changes

Extreme Cold Freezes Parts Of Niagara Falls
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I remember my daughter playing soccer in -3 degree weather last year.  That's right!  3 degrees below 0.  A few months later we're all rooting on our cowboys at The Caldwell Night rodeo with 110 plus degree weather.

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