Would it be fair to call COPS one of the longest-running reality television shows of all time? 

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Many of us remember the 14-week Writers Guild of America strike that affected our favorite TV shows in 2007-2008. Not only did it bring our favorite dramas and sitcoms to a screeching halt, but it fast-tracked a lot of reality and other non-scripted shows.

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Are you old enough to remember when the SAME thing happened in 1988? That's where COPS' origin story begins. The WGA went on strike for 22 weeks in 1988, forcing networks to look for low-budget options that didn't require the work of union writers. It was during that strike that FOX decided to give COPS a chance, produced the first season and premiered the first season in 1989.

It aired regularly on Fox until September 2013 when it moved to Spike TV. It moved to Paramount Network in 2018. Paramount dumped the series during the protests that followed the death of George Floyd. Fox Nation announced that they were picking up the show in 2021 and premiered their first season of it in October 2021.

Throughout the show's history, Boise has appeared on COPS quite a few times. Many of those episodes still appear on their YouTube account. You can watch some of the clips below. In several videos, you'll notice the offers offer substance abuse help resources during the calls they were responding to.

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