"Don't go chasing waterfalls.

Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to" - TLC.

You should go chasing waterfalls, and there are plenty of impressive waterfalls for you to see not far from Boise. Actually, there are seven waterfalls that you can drive to that made LoveExploring's list of "America's Most Beautiful Waterfalls." 

Photo by Evan Sanchez on Unsplash
Photo by Evan Sanchez on Unsplash

There's something so beautiful about watching cascading water crashing from a great height. 

"Don't go jumping waterfalls

Please, keep to the lake

People who jump waterfalls

sometimes can make mistakes" - Paul McCartney.

When you think of waterfalls, most people think of these famous waterfalls like Niagara Falls, Yosemite Falls, and Havasu Falls. Living in Idaho, we are close to so many incredible waterfalls that you and your family can enjoy, with the furthest one being 11 hours away in Utah. The Lower Calf Creek Falls in Utah is a journey, but it's worth it, and you'll see why. Just keep reading. 

Photo by sander traa on Unsplash
Photo by sander traa on Unsplash

If you're from Idaho, you already know of all the impressive waterfalls you can enjoy throughout the state. If traveling to Oregon, Washington, or Utah anytime soon, add these waterfalls to your to-do list. 

"I can see my rainbow calling me through the misty breeze of my waterfall" - Jimi Hendrix.

The closest waterfall to Boise will be Shoshone Falls, also known as "The Niagara of the West," Spring is the best time to go because the snow pack melts. Did you know that Shoshone Falls is higher than Niagara Falls? 

"There's no better place to find yourself than sitting by a waterfall and listening to its music" - Roland R Kemler.

7 Must See Waterfalls In Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Utah

The 7 waterfalls were featured on LoveExploring "America's Most Beautiful Waterfalls."

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