Yesterday Caldwell Police Officers attempted to arrest a wanted and known gang member. 41-year-old Gabriel Flores had stopped reporting to his parole officer and had a warrant out for his arrest from earlier this month. An officer spotted Flores at a home on Linden Street and attempted to detain him. Gabriel Flores then ran from the officer, who then pursued him on foot until he could catch up with him. 

*Side note: Think about a cop being able to chase down a suspect while wearing all the gear! That awesome!

After the officer caught Flores, a struggle ensued, and Flores violently fought and resisted arrest. Flores punched the officer in the face and head and continued to attack the officer for several minutes until additional officers could arrive at the scene. 

Caldwell Police Department
Caldwell Police Department

The Caldwell Police Department took Flores into custody without further incident. Flores and the injured officer were treated for minor injuries during the attack. After being cleared by medical staff at a local hospital, Flores was arrested for violating his parole. He will also be charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting, obstructing, and eluding.

The Caldwell Police Chief, in a press release, said, "Stop attacking our officers! Enough is enough! Every day across this country, police officers fall victim to violent attacks. The violence against the men and women of law enforcement is an attack on the foundation of our communities and a stain on society. Our brave heroes don't get paid to be victims. They are paid to protect and serve!" 

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