A teenage girl was behind the wheel when her car veered onto a sidewalk and hit two women and a dog Sunday in Southeast Boise and the dog was killed, and now the teen driver might be facing criminal charges.

If you were in the area of Carter Street near Bridgeport Lane in Southeast Boise Sunday around 5:30 pm you would have seen the commotion, and this is what was happening.

A teenage girl was driving when her car drove off the roadway, up onto the sidewalk, and into two pedestrians and their dog.  The dog was killed instantly and two women were taken to the hospital with serious injuries, according to KTVB.   The names of the pedestrians have not been released, and police haven't identified the driver.

Boise Police reconstructed the accident and said based on that, criminal charges are pending against the teen driver, but they didn't say what those charges would be, according to the Idaho Statesman.

I feel incredibly sad for the teen driver whose life could change dramatically because of a split-second event, and I feel horrible for the women who were injured and I wish them the speediest of recoveries.  And the dog, oh the dog.  It's just not an easy story for anyone, and pet owners will probably pay a little stronger attention to cars passing by anytime they're walking their dog on a sidewalk from now on.  After reading this story it will be a reflex.

The good news is, the women are in stable condition and they are expected to be okay.  Police said the investigation is ongoing.

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