Police Chase Man Floating Down Boise River
The river is high right now and it is not considered a safe time to roll down the river. This guy didn't seem to care one bit though as cops and rescuers were urging him to get out he just kept cruising forward. Police followed along side him for quite some time.
Stored 9-Volt Battery Causes Meridian House Fire
So I learned something new today that I feel like I should have been educated on long, long ago. In my 35 years I somehow missed the important life memo that stored batteries can cause fires. Housefires, apartment fires, you name it, fires.
Scam Alert: Meridian Police Demanding Money
There are few things that I hate more in the world than scammers. It is such an awful thing to do for so many reasons. Well another group of scammers has entered the Treasure Valley and are making their presence known.
Nampa Man Calls to Thank Police Who Arrested Him
The closest thing I can equate this to is getting in trouble as a teenager from my parents. Then thanking them later for helping to teach me a lesson. I may not have been mature enough at the time, or even right after to thank them but eventually I showed my gratitude for the life long lessons.

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