This white van has been spotted trying to abduct children in the Nampa area.  Watch the video footage and please contact authorities immediately with information.

The Idaho Statesman just broke the story that Jerecho Zahara is trying to get out to help others be aware of someone who's trying to abduct children.

Last night Jerecho caught this van on tape trying to abduct his little girl and her friend.  The van had been spotted in the Hillside Manor subdivision in Nampa for a couple nights in a row now.  It pulled up to his house, a man jumped out of the sliding door and ran after the children who took off up their driveway.  The man was spooked by something and he jumped back into the sliding door area of the van.

There's no audio with this video and it's difficult to make some things out but you can see the two children running off when the van's turning around to come towards them and then you can see the man jump out and back in to the side sliding door of the vehicle.

Please get the word out and keep your kids safe.

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