How many times have you been to the library in the last year? I think I went about five or six times. But that actually puts me at fewer trips than the average American. I know, surprising, right? According to a new Gallup poll, "US adults reported taking 10.5 trips to the library on average in 2019."

Now, that you've wrapped your head around that little tidbit of information, here's an even more surprising fact: "Americans visited the library more than they went to the movies, live sporting events, museums, concerts, amusement parks, and casinos, among other activities." The fact that libraries offer mostly free services makes that a lot more believable.

While the digital age has gotten way more convenient with ebooks and services like Audible, Americans still find themselves frequenting libraries because of the varied services they provide. The study reports, "People think that libraries are a major contributor to their communities in providing a safe place to spend time, creating educational opportunities for people of all ages, and sparking creativity among young people."

So, if you haven't been in a while, maybe it's time to swing by. You may be surprised at what you'll find. HERE's a list of all the branches around the Treasure Valley.


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