Independent Conservative Gubernatorial Candidate Ammon Bundy has been sentenced to ten days in jail and a three thousand dollar fine. Mr. Bundy was critical of the court proceedings during the pandemic. He was escorted off to jail immediately following the proceedings, reports the Idaho Statesman.

Idahoans Protest Saint Luke's in Boise

Idahoans gather to bring Baby Cyrus back to his family.

The judge ruled that he had not completed his mandatory forty hours of community service from a prior conviction. Mr. Bundy has tried to argue that his campaign for governor, a nonprofit, counted over and beyond the required court-ordered community service hours. 

The Bundy Campaign has issued a press release on Mr. Bundy going to jail: 

From the release:

"So, he is now being subjected to a total of 10-days in jail (with no bail option) and a $3,000 fine. If ever there was a demonstration of abuse of power and systemic corruption of our legal system—you are witnessing it right now. And if you don’t think this matters to all Idahoans, what will you do when they come for you next?"

Mr. Bundy is no stranger to challenging the law. Years ago, during the Obama Administration, the Bundy family stood up to the federal government in Nevada. The showdown drew patriots from across the country who stood arm and arm with the Bundy's. The government backed down, and the situation was resolved without bloodshed.

Ammon and a group of like-minded folks occupied a wildlife refuge in Oregon. Freedom fighter Levoy Finicum was killed while driving to a town hall meeting. Ammon and the Bundy's were arrested and faced several lifetimes in federal prison. After serving years in Federal prison, mostly in solitary confinement, Bundy was released from prison. He later moved to Idaho, where he founded the 'People's Rights group to fight the government.

Collin Raye and Ammon Bundy

Country Music Star Collin Ray performs in Emmett, Idaho for Ammon Bundy.

Ammon Bundy for Governor Event


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