On The Bobby Bones Show today (November 4), Amy and Eddie shared some recent funny stories that involved their kids learning some unintended things.

Amy shared that her son Stevenson's current favorite song is Kane Brown, Swae Lee, & Khalid's song "Be Like That." In the song there's a lyric that includes the curse word "A**." Ever since Stevenson's been singing it, he's been singing every single lyric, including the curse word. He doesn't know what the word actually means, but Amy said he's been saying it and that concerns her.

As for Eddie, he shared that one of his son's has been watching The Office. During the popular TV show, one of the main characters says the phrase "That's What She Said" a lot. Ever since Eddie's son has watched the episode with that specific phrase, he's been using it around the house. He even used it when Eddie's wife said something about putting dishes in the dishwasher.

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