Former Federal Agent and now UFO Investigator Ben Hansen virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his new show "Shock Docs" Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley on Discovery+, where his investigation into extraterrestrial life began, and the things he's discovered.

As a federal agent, Hansen had cases in both worlds of National Security and Criminal Law. When he was working at the state level, he was working in child sex crimes. However, Hansen says he has always had an interest in UFOs and aliens ever since he was 5-years-old. When it comes to UFOs and extraterrestrial life, Hansen admitted that there is a lot of things the government keeps from humans so they don't have to worry about it. He added that humans have enough to worry about without adding foiled terrorist plots or spying attempts to their plates.

But that doesn't mean Hansen can't tell us some things to keep us in the loop. He confessed that from what he's seen himself, all of his research, and the people he's worked with, he 95% believes that we've been visited by entities from other worlds. The most credible stories he's worked with and researched, it seems that we've been visited by "multiple races, if you will" where some of the extraterrestrial look like humans while others look gray, of stereotypical alien nature. While Hansen himself has never met an "alien," he doesn't dismiss people who have stories to tell of UFOs or alien encounters. He believes it is possible that the "aliens" are human and living among us. Hansen doesn't directly come out to say he's fearful. He believes that it would be scary to anyone to have an alien encounter, or be scared from a national security level as these are entities that we don't understand, we don't know how they're getting here or how to stop them from coming here.

He worked on another show for Discovery+ called Roswell: The Final Verdict and noted that there isn't anything physically down in Roswell anymore. However, they're still looking at the case and all of its patterns and can't argue that the case isn't compelling. He also noted that some of our presidents have had extraterrestrial information while others haven't. He says that researchers are in disagreement over whether all presidents have intel on UFOs and aliens. Hansen believes some presidents were told like Dwight D. Eisenhower and George Bush, while presidents like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were kept in the dark due to their previous public frustration over the matter.

For more information on aliens, UFOs, and the like, people can watch Hansen's shows "Shock Docs"Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley and Roswell: The Final Verdict on Discovery+ now.

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