I don't know if I've ever heard of anyone trying to run across I-84 until a week or so ago when that woman was running in the Boise area, was struck by a vehicle and immediately killed.  I still haven't heard what she was running to or from or what was going on in that case.

Now, it's happened again.  This one was some kid trying to cross I-84 Friday night at Franklin Boulevard exit in Nampa, Idaho.  It was just before 8 0'clock so we know it was very dark outside.  According to KTVB, the juvenile was hit by a 2018 Freightliner commercial truck and again, instantly killed.

All three lanes of I-84 were blocked off for a couple of hours while investigators started the process of finding out exactly what happened and things were cleaned up as quickly as possible.

Again, we have two families that are going through so much right now.  The family of this child and the family of this man driving the truck.  I'm so sorry for all that you both have to go through this holiday season.  Thoughts and prayers.

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