I stumbled onto a TikTok video last night from @leahhousk0, and it covered something so cute you can’t watch it without smiling.

The video creators are Leah & Michael from Pennsylvania, and it shows their daughter, Lola, telling Santa what she wants for Christmas — and then opening her gift on Christmas morning.

It’s what Lola wanted for Christmas that takes everyone by surprise...

She wanted a potato!

Keep scrolling for Lola’s reactions on Christmas morning 👇

The video was originally recorded in 2019, but Leah and Michael posted it on TikTok 2 days ago and it already has 3.2 MILLION views, 443.2K likes, 39.6K shares, 17.8K saves, and 3,459 comments.

I guess the internet can’t get enough of Lola asking Santa for a potato for Christmas! Even better, the pure joy we feel when we watch Lola open the potato on Christmas morning.

As funny and cute as the video is, we can learn a few lessons from the video, too.

  1. Find joy in the simple things.
  2. You don’t have to get the most expensive or hard-to-get Christmas gifts.
  3. Consider going through your galleries and camera rolls and you might have some TikTok gold!

Seriously! We have so many pictures and videos on our phones, and even it’s from a few years ago, you might have some total gems on your phones still worth posting today.

Keep scrolling for Lola’s reactions on Christmas morning 👇

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