So you have your favorite food truck, but you just never know where to find it. Wouldn't it be nice if there was an app that could show you the exact whereabouts of your favorite mobile grub? Well, it's 2019, soooo of course there's an app for that.

According to Boise Weekly, an app that was built in 2012, allows you to see which food trucks are near your location. It's called the StreetFoodFinder. All you have to do is download the app, allow it to see your location and BAM! You can see which trucks are around and if they're open.

Here in the Treasure Valley, you'll be able to see food trucks that belong to the Southern Idaho Food Truck Association. Most of the 30 members that make up the SIFTA, show up on the virtual map, with the rest coming in the next few days. What's really cool about this app is that it'll come in handy when you travel!

According to Boise Weekly other food trucks signed up with StreetFoodFinder, will appear on your app wherever you go.

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