Finally, the level of the Boise River is dropping and portions of the Eagle Greenbelt are reopening! Read what the City Of Eagle has for you.

Before you get your hopes up too far, the majority of the Eagle Greenbelt is still closed, but at least some progress is being made. Here's the official statement from the City of Eagle.

"An on-site inspection to assess the safety of reopening the Boise River Greenbelt was completed by Eagle Police and City staff. Although the majority of the Greenbelt remains CLOSED, The following areas have been reopened to the public:

• Edgewood Trailhead to Eagle Road (next to the Garden Hilton Inn)
• Hwy 44 Trail that runs parallel to Hwy 44

Note: The Trail at the Hwy 44 Connector is closed due to the damage in the North Channel Business Center. This is a privately owned trail."

NOTE: The south side trail opposite the Hilton Garden Inn open next to the Island Woods subdivision is still underwater and/or saturated and remains closed.

At least the river is starting to drop and the threat of more flooding is decreasing. Stay safe and don't venture into those areas of the greenbelt that remain closed.

Source: Comm Specialist Tammy Gordon - City of Eagle

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