Can you imagine someone trying to poison your dog?! Well one family in Eagle is dealing with that very thing and now Eagle police are investigating the incident.

Here's what happened: according to KTVB, Jacque Gilliam, an Eagle resident, was in her backyard with her pup last Thursday when she noticed something out of place on the ground. What she found was a hot dog bun filled with peanut butter and some type of pills.

Luckily her dog hadn't chowed down on the potentially poisonous treat, but now the homeowner is left with a ton of questions. The Eagle Police Department also has questions that need answering so they can find those responsible.

According to KTVB, the pills found inside the hot dog bun have been sent to a lab for tests that will determine what exactly they are and how harmful they could've been to Gilliam's dog.

Despite the police investigating the situation, I could understand why this pup's human feels uneasy. She tells KTVB, "I was really shook up, it was really scary. it makes me scared because it was certainly intentional and meant to harm my dog and it's really scary."

If I were to find something like that in my backyard, I would immediately think one of my neighbors were involved, but that's not the case with Gilliam. She doesn't think it was her neighbors due to a previous incident involving another dog. According to KTVB, one of her neighbors apparently witnessed a stranger attempting to feed a dog a hamburger through a fence last year.

Thankfully, that dog didn't take the bait either. Who knows what that burger could have been laced with.


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