Kids who live at a group home called 'Hope House' in Marsing have a new place to enjoy their downtime thanks to the charity arm of a Boise restaurant. According to KTVB, BACON restaurant in Boise has a nonprofit known as 'BACON for Hope,' and along with many donations from the community, they were able to provide a basketball court to Hope House in Marsing so that the kids that call that place home have a fun place to exercise and have fun.

The nonprofit, according to KTVB, is led by College of Idaho basketball star, Gibson Berryhihll. On Tuesday, Berryhill, along with his teammates where on hand for the unveiling of the court to shoot some hoops with the kiddos.

While this awesome gift is sure to bring a lot of joy to those kiddos, Berryhill said that's just the beginning. According to KTVB, there are plans to renovate the park at the group home by adding other amenities like a gazebo, renovating the volleyball court and more.

Here's what Berryhill had to say about the new basketball court:

The goal is to give them a place to hang out, It's tough at a place like this when you are sometimes short on staff. There's not a lot of places where the kids can run free and this park is one of them, so we just want to continue to enhance this park.

If you would like to be part of helping renovate this space for the kids, you can make a donation on their GoFundMe account HERE. 

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