Sad news today as the Idaho Fish and Game had to make the difficult decision of putting a bear down so that Idaho campers would be safe.

In the bear's defense, it never hurt anyone but the bear was becoming increasingly comfortable hanging around humans.  The bear had become dependent on human food and was waking campers up, rubbed against one woman who was reading and recently was caught with a lady's foot in its mouth in the middle of the night.

It's not just the fear factor for humans that's an issue.  Authorities don't know how far things will escalate with the bear and they just couldn't take the chance of something bad happening.

When you hear phrases like "Don't feed the bears", most of us kind of laugh it off but this is a perfect example of what kind of damage we do when we ignore those type of rules.

This didn't have to happen but it did.  It starts with some nice family that wants to give a little bear something to eat and unfortunately the story ends tragically like this.

When you go camping please put your food away, keep your campsite clean and follow the rules.  For safety information pertaining to bears in the area click below.