It's happening. Somehow, only seven days in, 2022 has managed to catch up to 2021 as the worst year ever. Not by global warming, or political unrest, oh no. It's much worse.

Bed Bath & Beyond is closing stores. A ton of them. All across the country.

The reasons are mostly predictable. Brick and mortar stores are experiencing significantly reduced foot traffic in the age of COVID, and Bed Bath & Beyond in particular is losing business to competitors like Target. Once you factor in online shopping, and how many customers are turning to Amazon for literally everything, it's sad but expected that some locations will be closing.

BB&B has announced the locations of 37 stores they're closing in the near future, but that total will reach up to 200 if their current plan comes to fruition. New York is getting the worst of it, with five stores announced to close across the state.

Luckily for Idahoans, we're only going to see a single Bed Bath & Beyond close (for now). That location? Their store in Pocatello.

As of the writing of this article (January 7th, 2022), there has been no discussion of closing the Boise or Meridian locations. However, the retailer is currently remodeling 450 of its stores nationwide, so don't be surprised if your favorite Bed Bath & Beyond location closes for a short time.

We told you 2022 was off to a rocky start. As long as we're able to get pillows, a Scrub Daddy, and a designer dog bed without having to drive too far, we'll be ok.

For now.

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