Ok, if I could have it my way, I would live on some land with a small house, my family, and lots and lots of pets. Right now, we have two dogs, Gracie and Sausage, and we just welcomed a new addition, Becca Bear the Hamster. Every once in a while I get this random urge to go and adopt a new furry friend. This time, I'm looking at the feline variety.

So, I went over to check out the Idaho Humane Society's website....just to take a look (my husband hears this often). I usually just peruse the photos because I know we really shouldn't get another pet. But this time, I was reading the descriptions of the little ones and realized whoever writes them needs a raise. Check out some of my favorite descriptions below (via Idaho Humane Society):


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    Ima Bean

    "You know how sometimes you’ll get a new hairstyle because you’re having a life crisis or you just went through a breakup? This isn’t one of those things. I actually got in a fight with a couple of dogs who were living with one of my cat friends. I am still traumatized from my last few months on the streets, but I am making progress! Please be patient and gentle with me."

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    Victoria Vinegar

    "My roommates and I were a part of a cat collection that got a bit out of hand! IHS was called upon to help me and about 30 other cats. We are a lovely bunch that are slowly making our way over once determined healthy and handle-able! I am shy at first, but once I see what a wonderful human you are, I would love nothing more than to be your lap cat and get chin scratches! Please ask the cattery staff for any further questions!"

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    Ziggy Stardust

    "Before I came here I was running the streets and causing trouble! I made friends along the way, but I also made enemies. I was finally brought into the shelter because I wouldn’t stop fighting this silly dog! Can you believe that? I’m quite sweet and chubby. Please go slow with me as I am still learning to trust."

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    "Hello! My name is Ariel the Mercat and I love to swim! Just kidding, but I do have a history of doing well when given a bath. I arrived at the shelter with a couple of other cats and did fine with them. I will most likely do well in a home with other mellow, easy-going cats. I am very shy and sweet, so please go slow with me. Once I feel comfortable with you, I love receiving pets and cuddling with my humans. Take me home today so I can be a part of your world!"

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