As you hustle around this holiday season trying to get this done and that done, having time to sit down and actually enjoy a meal is going to be tough.

What's your favorite fast food in Idaho? Is it a big chain? Is it a local establishment?

"Here's what we looked for in a fast food restaurant, as we ate our way across the country: at least a handful of locations and counting, mostly in their home state, though we didn't always discriminate against states that have birthed bonafide regional favorites, or those that remain content with spectacular one-offs. All had to have both counter service and a robust takeout program, optimally a drive-through. Fully sit-down restaurants didn't qualify. Most important of all — did we like the food?"

Food&Wine put together the best regional fast food in every state.

Photo by Shaafi Ali on Unsplash
Photo by Shaafi Ali on Unsplash

I don't know about you, but I'm curious as to what the Best Regional Fast Food Restaurant is in some of our neighboring states. California: Zankou Chicken  Montana: The Pickle Barrel Oregon: Laughing Planet Cafe 

Utah: Cupbop (We have one here in Boise, now I'm very interested) 

Washington: Dick's Drive-In 

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Do any fast food establishments come to mind? DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

Food&Wine determined that Big Jud's was the Best Regional Fast Food location in Idaho.

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