Is there ever a wrong time for ramen? No. It all starts with the soup, right? The delicious flavors are infused into the broth, and then you can customize it by adding your favorite flavors. You can add soy sauce, miso, siracha, and so on. Other ingredients include eggs, vegetables, scallions, garlic, chicken, or other proteins. 

LoveFood has put out a list of "The Best Ramen in Every State," On their list, they have Island Sushi and Ramen in Boise as the best ramen in Idaho. But, we wanted to highlight more than just one place in Boise putting some delicious ramen. 


If you're like me, who has a significant other that isn't a fan of slurping a delicious broth, noodles, and an assortment of other ingredients, then you'll appreciate some of the restaurants on this list that have more than just ramen. So we will highlight those items as well. 

What do you love the most about ramen? 

Ramen, for me, it's all about the broth and the noodles. The broth in the ramen can have so many different flavors, and some would say good ramen would take you to "Flavor Town." 

On this list of best places to get ramen in the Boise area, you'll find a hidden gem that went from a food truck to a brick-and-mortar location. There are seven different popular types of ramen, according to MasterClass

  • Shoyu ramenShoyu ramen is served in a soup base, typically chicken broth, flavored with soy sauce. It is the most common type of ramen in Japan.
  • Miso ramen: Miso ramen is served in a broth such as chicken stock and seasoned with miso (fermented soybean) paste. Miso ramen originated in northern Hokkaido in the 1960s and is sometimes called Sapporo ramen.
  • Tonkotsu ramen: This ramen is served in a fatty, golden pork broth. This style originated in Fukuoka Prefecture on Kyushu island and is known as Hakata ramen.
  • Shio ramenShio ramen is seasoned with shio (sea salt). This dish is often served in the city of Hakodate with light, seafood-based broths.
  • Wakayama ramenWakayama ramen is Tokyo-style ramen made with a tonkotsu pork bone broth flavored with soy sauce. In Tokyo, this ramen is often called chuka soba.
  • Instant ramen: Instant ramen consists of dried instant noodles and a flavoring packet that can be rehydrated with boiling water. This pantry item was invented in Japan in 1958 and can be found in grocery stores around the world.
  • Ramyeon ramen: This Korean instant ramen often features the spicy flavors of kimchi and/or gochujang (fermented red pepper paste).

The Best Places To Get Ramen In Boise

This list is based on Yelp reviews.

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