Yum! Boise's first "ramen restaurant" is coming to town! Show me the noodles!


I remember being little and since we didn't have a ton of money, I had my fair share of ramen noodles.


Sometimes I would make them fancy and put slices of hard boiled egg or chicken in them... and pretend I was visiting Japan. Today ramen is the cool trendy food!


Ramen restaurants are popping up all over the country and on May 1st we will have one right here in Boise!!


Ramen Sho will be located in the old Shige Steakhouse location downtown at 100 N. St. 8th Street Ste. 217.


This is a far cry from my ramen noodles at home. According to the Idaho Statesman you'll have the option of curry dan dan noodles, vegetable ramen, and tsukemen (which is cold noodles served with sauce on the side) just to name a few options.


If you find yourself likeing Ramen Sho, it looks like another ramen restaurant is also in the works. The owners of the Boise Fry Company hope to open RamaPong sometime later this year.

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