MSN Says the Boise Stage Stop is the best truck stop in Idaho. You may want to take the short drive south and check it out!

Here's something you might now know about the Boise Stage Stop. It actually WAS a stage stop, as in "stage coach" stop. It opened in 1891, one year after Idaho became a state, and has been in business ever since. Obviously the place has seen a lot of change in the past 127 years.

Their menu has a little bit of everything for everybody. You'll find flavors from south of the border, you'll find classic American (their bleu cheese burger is amazing), you'll find Italian, and you'll find a really good steak!

You can even have a steak for breakfast if that's your pleasure!

So, if you want a piece of Americana while you dine, go check out the Boise Stage Stop, south of Boise a few miles on I-84.

You can see what MSN thinks are the best truck stops in every state HERE

And, you can visit the Boise Stage Stop on Facebook HERE

What do YOU think? If you've got a favorite roadside diner in the area, let's hear about it!

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