Idaho was ranked 34th out of 50 states in a recent study by MattressNextDay, which examined various factors contributing to a good night's sleep. While a lower rank might be concerning for Idahoans, the data offers some insights into the specific challenges residents face when it comes to achieving restful sleep.

One significant factor influencing sleep quality in Idaho is mental health. With 24.92% of residents reporting mental health issues, this statistic highlights the need for better mental health support and resources across the state. Mental well-being is closely linked to sleep quality, and addressing these concerns could help improve sleep for many Idahoans.

The state has a stress level score of 39.14 out of 100, indicating that many residents experience moderate to high levels of stress. Whether it's work-related pressures or personal issues, managing stress more effectively might contribute to better sleep outcomes.

Noise pollution in Idaho is relatively low at 1.55%, which is a positive aspect. Safety is another area where Idaho fares moderately well, with a crime rate of 241.1 per 100,000 people. Feeling secure in one's environment is essential for restful sleep. Idaho's crime rate suggests that most residents can sleep with a greater sense of security than in higher-crime areas.

Interestingly, there is a significant search volume for "sleep aid" in Idaho, with 4,680 searches annually. This indicates that many residents are actively seeking solutions to improve their sleep, whether through over-the-counter remedies or lifestyle changes. Idaho's green score of 55.72 reflects the state's natural beauty and access to green spaces, which can positively impact sleep by reducing stress and promoting outdoor activities.

Idaho's total score of 31.74 out of 70 suggests room for improvement in various areas affecting sleep quality. By addressing mental health and stress management and leveraging the state's natural assets, Idaho could climb the ranks and become a better place for a good night's sleep.

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