Are you finding yourself up all night with a baby or toddler?! Here's some tricks and resources to getting some much needed sleep in the Treasure Valley.


Getting my babies to sleep was one of the hardest parts of having little ones. I'm sure many of you Mama's can relate. You desperately need some solid sleep but an hour or two after you put your baby down they are back up, and then there is the dreaded 30 minute nap and bam they are wide awake again but ornery in no time!


I'll admit, I ended up using the "cry it out" method with my kids. It's exactly like it sounds. You put your baby to bed and don't rescue them when they cry. It worked like a charm with my son. He cried for 20 minutes and was a much better sleeper after that. I thought I was the sleep whisperer. My friends and family referred to me as the sleep police, but my daughter tested all of my theories.


She cried and cried and cried!! She never wanted to sleep and so I gave up. I did everything I thought I was against. I nursed her to sleep, rocked her to sleep, slept in the laundry room with the dryer running because she liked the noise. It was a nightmare for years. At 8, she still has to have this whole song and dance before bedtime and it drives me crazy!!!


My point, every kid is different, and what works for one won't necessarily work for another child, but there is hope.


Here are a couple places here in the Treasure Valley that specialize in helping babies, children, and families sleep better.


Check them out because as I've found a well rested, happy, Mama is a much better Mama in the long run.


Sleep Well Children Consulting : They provide customized sleep support and sleep plans to families in the Treasure Valley.


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