Three people were thrown from their raft while going through what's called 'Big Falls Rapids' on the Payette River yesterday afternoon.  Two of those people made it but the third passenger, a 27-year-old man who remains unnamed as authorities properly contact his family, did not.  We do know that the victim's body has been found and pulled from the river.

There were three separate rafts that were taking on this river together.  When they came up to Big Falls, two of the rafts were able to float around it but the third went straight through and all three passengers were ejected from the raft.

KTVB reports that this section of the Payette River which is just a bit east of Garden Valley is known for its Class III and Class IV rapids.  Obviously dangerous enough to take a life.

This was not a professionally run river rafting trip.  That doesn't necessarily mean these people didn't know what they were doing.  We don't know if they purposely went through Big Falls Rapids or if they just weren't able to get their raft away from the rushing water pulling them in.  I'm sure a lot more details will be released soon as authorities get through their investigation but for now, the important thing is this family who lost a young man will be trying to heal.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to them.

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