Recently, Bobby Bones girlfriend Caitlin made the drive from California to Tennessee to move all of her stuff to town. It was announced a few weeks back that she is moving in with Bones.

During her trip, when she stopped in Texas, she noticed one of her tires was low on air pressure. However, after investigating a bit, she decided it was fine to continue the drive on it. By the time Caitlin got into Nashville, Tennessee her tire was completely flat and Caitlin was almost driving on her rim.

So Bones decided to go out and change her tire for her, so she didn't have to take it in. Caitlin said he got dressed in grungy clothes and was doing all these things to make her be intrigued into what he was about to do. So she asked him and he told her he was changing her tire. The two went out there together so Bones could teach Caitlin how to change the tire herself incase she ever got into a situation like this again.

Caitlin talked with Bones on The Bobby Bones Show about the situation and confessed that watching Bones change her tire made him "more manly" to her. She said he's more high maintenance than her so watching him change the tire made her even more intrigued.

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