She was just starting her life as a newlywed when she ended up dead in the Snake River. Here's her story.

Authorities have not made a 100% positive identification yet, but a body was found in the Snake River, and it is believed to be the body of 23-year-old Kayla Davis.

Kayla is originally from Pocatello. She moved to Idaho Falls recently with her husband of just a few months, 23-year-old Walker Thomas.

On May 9th Kayla's husband called 911 saying that she slipped on some driftwood on the South Side of the Broadway Bridge near the Marriott hotel. They have not said that they suspect foul play at all; instead, they are warning the public to stay away from fast-moving rivers.

The body was found near South Tourist Park at the base of the falls yesterday morning.

According to KSL, Kayla's family has been notified of the discovery, but the Idaho Falls Police say it could be some time before a positive identification is made.