Bogus Basin will stop relying on mother nature very soon. According to KTVB, a new snow-making system has been approved for the mountain. The new dam and holding pond system will allow Bogus Basin to "open every year before Christmas and New Year holidays, pretty much guaranteeing that early opening".

Construction for the new 60-foot-tall dam and holding pond -to be built near the tubing hill and Simplot Lodge- is expected be begin this Summer. Here's how it will work:

  • The dam will allow the collection if snowmelt in the spring to a pong that hold 42 acre-feet of water
    • The pond would be about the size of a football field that's 32 fee deep.
  • There will be pumps at the dam and pond "that will pump water up to the top of the mountain" to the snow guns that will make the snow.
  • The snow produced from the pond will cover up to about 62 acres on the mountain.

One more approval is needed from the Army Corps of Engineers before construction can begin in September.

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