Bogus Basin visitors are going to be riding in style come next season. According to Idaho Statesman, Bogus Basin plans to replace their Morning Star chair lift with a brand new detachable quad lift.

This quad lift will replace the chair lift that was built in 1965, then rebuilt in 1999. It will be the first new chairlift in eight years for Bogus Basin. When this new baby is installed it's going to make a big difference for skiers and snowboarders. According to Idaho Statesman, it reduce ride time for visitors from 11 minutes to...get this...3 minutes!!

They're moving along with this project pretty quickly. According to Bogus Basin officials, construction on the new lift will begin in the spring and be completed by early December. That means that early next season, visitors will be able to start enjoying the new lift. According to Idaho Statesman, Bogus Basin sought out the help of Austria-based manufacturer, Doppelmayr, and will cost about $5 million.

That's not all Bogus has planned in terms of upgrades. According to Idaho Statesman, they will "regrade and widen Pioneer Trail at the top of the lift, creating a larger novice area adjacent to the mountain’s existing beginner terrain." Their hope with that upgrade will be to enhance visitor's "learn-to-ski experience."

This upgrades (as well as the construction of the mountain coaster and snow making machinery) is all part of Bogus Basin's master plan that was approved back in 2016. If you haven't gone up to experience some of the new additions to the mountain, you still have time. This year's skiing and snowboarding season won't end until April 14. 

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