It's definitely a bummer when we have to wait such a long time for opening day at Bogus Basin. But, that waiting could be a thing of the past. According to KTVB, Bogus Basin will soon have a new snowmaking system that could be completed by Thanksgiving. This system will allow Bogus officials to cover nearly 60 acres with man-made snow.

The system includes a "50-foot-deep pond that will hold 13 million gallons of water." That water (captured from the runoff from Bogus Creek) will then be transferred through pipelines to 24 fan guns that will shoot the denser snow onto the "tube hill, [the] beginner hill and a couple top to bottom runs on Deer Point and on Morning Star.”

According to KTVB, the system has been under construction since June, and will be completely operational by 2019. However, parts will be up and running for us this season!


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