The Boise Airport created quite a buzz on Friday when they introduced their latest employee with the city. A pig named Tater sporting red nail polish, matching red collar, a big yellow bow airport credentials and an airport captains hat.

The post states that pigs can smell 2000 times better than humans. At least that part of the post is true. According to doggysourus, "A pig can smell for up to 7 miles in distance. That’s sense of smell around 2,000 times better than a human!"

Unfortunately everything else in the post was an April fools joke. The post gathered a lot of comments from locals and visitors that are pretty entertaining. You can definitely tell that some did not seem to catch on right away that it was a joke. Here are some of the best comments and replies:

Danielle W.  I dont want this to be an April Fools’s! I wanna meet Tater
Reply from Hank E. We want to meet her as well!

Amanda D. My husband just fell for it. He was like what no way. Are people really trying to smuggle potatoes??

Paul B.C. Best bit this year for 04/01. You should make Tater a good will ambassador regardless!
Reply from Boise Airport, It started as an April Fools joke...but we think you may be right!

Madison R. How are you gonna hire such a cute pig and expect me not to pet her?

Ashlee P.F. I’m unwell. How cute. TATER?!?!  let’s go next weekend
Reply ... read the comments   - Ashley P.F. replied back, It’s not fake I will not accept it

Holly H. April fools ‍♀️ I was pumped

Corie K. Does he have a friend named Tot?

Amelia C. she even got her nails done for her big photoshoot

Courtenay K. I’m flying through Boise just to see Tater
Reply from Amber K. same!!!

Charlie C. She needs some lipstick adorable.

Sara H. Soo cute! My son was so sad this isn’t true!

Lexee M. I want it to be true! There is a pig somewhere in the U.S. that does therapy work at airports

Johansson B.@ Boise Airport The best and cutest tater I have ever seen I think you should keep him at the airport


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