The doors are now open to a new bar in Meridian. Todd Asin also opened The Atlas Bar in Boise, and The Royal in Hyde Park is directly responsible for opening the new Meridian bar called The Alpine.

The Alpine held its soft opening over the weekend and is located across from the 127 Saloon in Downtown Meridian. You can find the Alpine Bar at 130 E. Idaho Ave, Meridian. What was Pauly's Bar Room is now around 2,400 square feet and will eventually have a patio space out back. They're currently working on obtaining permits for the patio.

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The Alpine has an intimate setting with beautiful booths, dark colors, and a brick wall that creates a focal point for the bar. Like many of Asin's other establishments, the bar will feature a specialty cocktail list. They have some fun art up throughout the bar as well as a pool table for those who enjoy playing while having a cocktail.

Downtown Meridian has always been a great place together for food, a beverage, and get some shopping done. As businesses continue to thrive, Downtown Meridian will continue to grow and, hopefully, continue to bring in some fun new establishments.


Todd Asin isn't done yet. He will also be part of a new bar coming to the old Idaho Blueprint and Supply location in Downtown Boise. If everything continues moving in the right direction, we might see a bar open later this year.




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