This is what water looks like when you turn on the tap along he Boise Bench! What is going on with our water Idaho?

It's absolutely disgusting. What could be in that water to turn it brown? I've only had experience with brown water where I live in Meridian one time. It completely freaked me out. I went to fill a bath and it wasn't as bad as the water in the above picture, but I certainly wasn't going to bathe in it! Then I noticed the water in my toilets was the same. That cannot be safe and in my case I was never given any warning or notification about the water.

Krys Miley who lives along the Boise Bench got this result when turning on the faucet and filing up the sink this morning. One comment on the Boise Bench Facebook page says Krys should bottle it up and take it to the water company to see if they would drink it?!

I just want to know what it is that is turning the water brown and with it obviously not seeming safe to drink why don't they alert residents of the issue?

As Boise Bench Dweller Ryan Bruce mentioned, this affects every small and large business in the area. He says they have had to wait for hours to get clean water to put in the dough of their locally owned bakery.

If you know what's going on with the water along the Boise Bench please comment below.