First and foremost, we're all about saving the planet. If there's a recycling bin, we'll always toss our Red Bull can in there. Are we all about reusable grocery bags? Sure, why not? They're more sturdy anyway. Shoot, we'll even plant a tree if given the chance.

There's one thing happening in California, however, that has us pausing and wondering how far we'd go to save the planet.

California is taking recycling to the next level

California recently passed a recycling law that might cause or even force some people to look for a new home... like Idaho. Now, we know what you might be thinking: "Who would be so against recycling that they would uproot their life and move?"

We feel the same - the thing is, California has now approved rules that will allow the state to turn sewage water into drinking water. According to California's State Water Resources Control Board, several precautions will be taken to ensure that the maximum containment levels (MCL) are regulated (AKA kept to a minimum) so sewage water can be reused.

The sanitation process sounds thorough and is discussed extensively here, but still - could you do it?

Could you drink water that you knew was once flushed down with a stranger's waste, whatever that waste might be? Sure, the water has been "sanitized" or purified through extensive means but what if? You know?

This law has reportedly been ten years in the making so there is no doubt that the proper research has been done to ensure it works. Not only that, several positives can come out of using recycled water which (obviously) includes helping our environment in the long run and hopefully, reducing future utility bills.

One thing's for sure though, not everyone in California will be thrilled with being told that they'll be drinking recycled water and will no doubt seek refuge in the Gem State.

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