It's so easy for all of us to take what we have for granted during the holidays, even when we try not to.  I watched all my kids and grandkids open presents this morning, play games, put on their new comfy clothes, and eat a ton of delicious food.  Through all that I've been stressed about the typical things most of us stress over.  Money, who's getting what, money, how do I spend quality time with each child, money, do we have enough food, money, and a million other things.

I guess it's all relative right?  It doesn't feel right when I see families struggling so hard with no place to live, no way to keep warm, no way to eat, the money of course, and creating quality, memorable experiences are about the last thing on their mind.  They're trying to survive.

Best Western in Boise, Idaho stepped up this year with the help of a local outreach program called Astegos to set up 12 families for Christmas Eve along with two more days to enjoy a nice, warm bed... good food, music, entertainment, presents, and more.

THE GOAL - To make this the BEST and most MEMORABLE Christmas ever

I know these two or three days won't solve the problems of these families.  In a couple of days, they'll be back on the street looking for ways to keep warm.  They'll be scavenging for food and they'll be mentally in the dumps again facing reality.  But for three short days, someone cared.  Someone gave them a gift they'll never forget.  Someone stepped up even though they didn't have to.  Maybe those three short days will be enough to give one of these families hope.  Hope enough to last them until they get a real shot at life.

For now... enjoy these three days.  Thank you Best Western and thank you Astegos for having huge hearts and making a difference in our community.  Merry Christmas!

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