I love the little mom and pop shops that we have here in the Treasure Valleys, so I hate when they are pushed out. Here's what's going on with this well loved Boise breakfast spot.

Addie's restaurant has been located at 501 W. Main Street since 2001 but according to the Idaho Statesman, Addie's has to move by the end of March because they are on a month to month lease and for whatever reason the landlord has been showing the building off to other business owners.

Luckily for those of us that love Addie's omelettes or my favorite, their breakfast burritos, Addie's is moving just two miles away near BSU to 1221 W. Boise Avenue where the owner Heidi Bauknecht has actually purchased the building.

Some other perks to Addie's relocating is they are looking to add a liquor license so you can have a mimosa with your bacon and eggs! They also expected to extend their hours to offer up breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This is the kind of place that needs to stick around for generations and we're super glad Addie's is simply moving and not closing up shop.