The Boise Hawk's kicked off their 2018 season about a week ago but tonight is their very first home game of the season. They take on the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes at Memorial Stadium for their 32nd home opener. A lot of memories have been made in that stadium throughout the years, but I read a story today that pretty much tops the funny department.

According to KTVB, it was back in 1989 -when the stadium was built- that this hysterical stunt took place. During a game against the Salem Dodgers, then "Hawks manager, Mal Fichman was ejected in the sixth inning." Ok, not so out of the ordinary for a baseball game, right. It's what happened after that that had me laughing. Apparently, the coach, undeterred by the ejection decision, decided he'd still lead his team. So how did he communicate with his players? He came back into the game with a new Humphrey the Hawk. He didn't go unnoticed though and was ultimately suspended for five games by the Northwest League.

Boise Hawks VS Salem-Keizer Volcanoes

Memorial Stadium - 7:15 p.m.

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Baseball on the Pitchers Mound
Credit: David Lee

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