Is your pup needing some exercise? Well, chances are there is a dog park somewhere near your Boise home. While the city of trees doesn't have the most dog parks in the U.S. (New York City wins that one with 140), it does have the most per capita. According to the Idaho Statesman, The Trust for Public Land’s Center for City Park Excellence ranked Boise in the #1 spot for that reason. Boise has a total of 15 dog parks 6.7 dog parks per 100,000 residents.

It beat out cities like Portland and Henderson, NV - each of which come in at 5.2 parks per 100,000. So where exactly are all these parks? Below is a list of all off-leash dog parks in Boise so you and your pup can go check 'em out!

  • Ann Morrison Park
  • Castle Hills Park
  • Cypress Park
  • Manitou Park
  • Military Reserve
  • Morris Hill Park
  • Optimist Youth Sports Complex
  • Pine Grove Park
  • Redwood Park
  • Sterling Park Site
  • Sunset Park
  • Williams Park
  • Winstead Park

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