We thought we'd be listed a tad higher.

It would appear that there is a list for everything these days. And while Santa is double-checking his list, maybe we could double-check this one. WalletHub recently compiled a list of the Best Cities for Christmas. At the top is Durham, North Carolina followed by San Jose, California (who has been spam calling me a lot these days), and Honolulu, Hawaii.

Those cities seem like they don't have anything in common, aside from this list.

In order for WalletHub to come to this conclusion, they needed to set up some criteria. Which of course they did and always do. First, they only compared 100 of the biggest cities in the US, which could be why we were not on the list. They then looked at specific areas that they believe are key indicators of a safe and affordable Christmas in 2020. These included safety in general, traditions, food, observance, and generosity.

Now, we did OK on the list. We landed at number 70 and for that I'm grateful. I love to see Boise represented. We landed in the 70s for observance and generosity. As for safety we were number 64. And when it comes to traditions and food we were pretty high with a 34 ranking.

On the other hand, I do believe there are other things that make a city great for Christmas. I think the chance of having a white Christmas, the number of holiday markets, the availability of seasonal coffee, and the overall charm of a city make it a good Christmas city. Basically it needs to feel like it's been ripped straight from a Hallmark movie.

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